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#2 Most Popular Prenatal Vitamin

Ritual Rating 2

Great for:

Pregnancy, baby’s brain and skeletal development, vegan

*Our Prenatal Rating Breakdown

  • Ingredients 70% 70%
  • Ease of Use 90% 90%
  • Quality 90% 90%
  • Taste 80% 80%

*Our Total

Product Score

Why we rated Ritual our #2

  • 12 nutrients for before and during pregnancy
  • Methylated folate
  • Traceable ingredients
  • Vegan, non-gmo, and allergen free

Why we rated Ritual Essential Prenatal #2

  • Top Rated by bloggers
  • Delivers monthly to your door
  • Methylated B vitamins

Ritual Essential Prenatal

Ritual made its name for itself by approaching vitamins with a no fuss approach and minimizing the number of ingredients that go into their vitamins. They have a full transparency approach with the sourcing of their ingredients and providing information on where all the ingredients within their vitamins are sourced from. The pricing is affordable and delivered to your door monthly. They have a cancel anytime, full refund policy making this a worry-free vitamin subscription. Read on to see why we put Ritual Essential Prenatal 2nd on our comparison list.

“What is in Ritual Essential Prenatal?”

When we look at taking a prenatal vitamin, we are looking for a vitamin that can help to fill the nutrient gaps in our diet and provide the key vitamins and minerals that we need when trying to get pregnant throughout pregnancy. Ritual takes a strong food comes first approach to their vitamins and include only 12 traceable vitamins and minerals in their prenatal vitamin with a delayed release capsule technology to help improve absorption. Ritual uses the vegan-friendly form of Vitamin D3 and a vegan capsule, which makes this prenatal vitamin vegan friendly.

One of the main problems that we have with Ritual vitamins is that it includes DHA. Prenatal vitamins that include DHA are less stable when they are combined with other nutrients in a supplement form. The Ritual quantity of choline is so low that it provides little benefit to mom and baby.

“How is Ritual’s Flavor?”

The flavor going down is quite pleasant with a light lemon flavor that *can* help reduce nausea. However, it is the fishy after burps that leave anyone with a sensitive stomach or if you are experiencing morning sickness something to be desired. In a collection of reviews, not all users of Ritual Essential Prenatal experienced the fishy after burps.

Overall, the taste of Ritual Essential Prenatal is good, as long as you are not one that experiences the fish after taste from the DHA.

The Bottom Line

Ritual Essential Prenatal is a best seller now with good reasons. The company has done an excellent job and building the transparency for sourcing around the company and the ingredients that go into their vitamins. The form of the ingredients that are in Ritual are all carefully sourced and high-quality ingredients that do help with absorption. There are no additives or fillers and overall, if you need a simple vitamin and have a diet high in choline, this is a safe choice.

Prenatal ratings ritual
Ritual Rating 2

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